A System made by You !

Get the Keys of your Digital Freedom


Everything is made of LOVE. It is time to use "Libre Money" to make it real! And share the good news to your friends...


Grow your own data garden, share multimedia in private ipfs swarm of friends. Don't depend on Datacenters or even Internet anymore. Depend on YOU!


Get your Scuttlebutt(s), Freedom and sovereignty. Focus your mind. Activate friends collective intelligence making your self data mining.

A Libre FAT Protocol

Made for Friends with Friends

One Key. One Humain. Multiple Metaverse

./install (coming soon)


2020 June - 4th to 7th - June Festival in Paris!

RML#15 Organised by AxiomTeam

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  • Dev Wizard: Fred @9BbJwPDjcyIqrOUPNn0nJZBduWdIrpMk3Cjz5MP361s=.ed25519
  • 1st Astroport... Ask for an invite...